Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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Hey there! Yeah I'm talking to you. You can now follow me on Twitter at Strongforu . See ya' there!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Harry Potter

Today I saw the new Harry Potter film and I must say that the ending left me quite sad.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Death Comes

Today noted author E. Lynn Harris died at the tender age of 54. I also attended the funeral of a friends' mother, she was 79. In addition, Michael Jackson died about two weeks ago and Farah Fawcett around the same time. Walter Cronkite has also died in the past week. It's all a bit overwhelming.

All this talk of death has renewed my commitment to live my life as I see fit and not as anyone else thinks I should live it. I strongly encourage you all to do the same.

peace and blessings,


Thursday, July 09, 2009

Life after 40....what's next?

Well, I turned 40 in March and lost my job in June. What's next? I am talking (long-distance) to a rather nice guy, but I must say that I've had my fill of long-distance relationships and am not expecting anything from this, except good phone conversation.

I'm working a temp job now and commuting 3 hrs a day roundtrip. It's been 3 weeks now and already I'm wondering how much longer I can keep this up. Prayerfully the job market will open up soon and I can find something closer to home.



Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm what?!?

Hey Folks,

Just a quick note to let you know that I recently celebrated my 40th birthday party. I wanted to have a huge celebration, however, I had to make important financial decisions which led to me hanging out with two good friends. Ultimately, that was best because they are the two people I am closest to here in this torrid city of brotherly love and sisterly affection. Sometimes I feel like if I were in Atlanta or Charlotte or somewhere else then maybe my life would be better. Then, I realize that people are people everywhere you go and that life is what it is. It's my job to make the best of it and enjoy the ride!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Why is it?....

Why is it that I only seem to think of blogging when I have a lot on my mind? I've noticed that many other bloggers, blog daily, almost religiously. However, no matter how determined I am to start blogging or how many hours I spend reading or viewing (video) other's blogs, I neglect my own. For those of you who periodically check to see what's new in my life, I sincerely apologize. So let's do a recap of the last 6 months or so, eh?

On Labor Day, the ex and I got back together. Don't even ask me what the hell I was thinking. I quickly realized that the leopard had not changed his spots and we were back at ground zero all over again. For some reason, I had decided to give him until Thanksgiving, no matter what, to see how things went. They went horribly! Dude is ok, but just not the one for me.

Moving on, my new job (the one I started last June), still sucks! I feel so bad complaining in this economy where millions were laid off just last year and hundreds of thousands more are losing work every month. However, this job is difficult and I still don't completely know what I'm doing. Granted, management did say that it would take at least a full year for most of us to begin to understand what we're doing. But hey, I've always been 'the smart kid'. It's vexing for me to not understand something almost immediately. I've jsut decided to give my best and hope and pray that it all works out for the good.

Church is going ok as well. It never ceases to amaze me how some of the most trifling people come to the church with the sole intent of raising as much sand as they possibly can.

So, there you have it, between work, church and social life I am drained. I need a 7 day/6 night all expenses paid vacation away from everyone that I know. Perhaps, this summer?

Until next time,


Saturday, January 03, 2009


In 2009 I'm praying for a wonderful new good-paying job that I will love! (I also would love to work with kind, good-hearted people). I am also praying for continued good health. I want lots of money to help myself, my family and my community. I am praying to meet a life partner who will compliment me and who I can spend the rest of my life with! I pray for continued growth in my ministerial efforts and for a return to pursuing my college education.

I wish all of you reading this, peace, love, prosperity, lots of love and good health!